Diabetes Can Be Treated and Controlled

Retrofit exercise specialists will work with diabetes clients (Type 2) and carefully design a safe exercise program, especially for you or your loved ones.

Established in 2016, the Retrofit team of exercise specialists are fitness professionals with clinical knowledge and working closely with a leading private physiotherapy group in Singapore.

Diabetes Excercises

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What is Type 2 diabetes?

Type 2 diabetes is a disease where your body can’t use energy from food properly. Your pancreas produces insulin (a hormone) to help your cells use glucose (sugar). Over time your pancreas makes less insulin and the cells resist the insulin. 

This causes too much sugar to build up in your blood. High blood sugar levels from Type 2 diabetes can lead to serious health problems including heart disease, stroke or death.

Managing Diabetes at Home with the Retrofit effective exercise program

Management of type 2 diabetes includes:

  • Healthy eating
  • Regular exercise
  • Weight loss
  • Possibly, diabetes medication or insulin therapy
  • Blood sugar monitoring

These steps will help manage your blood sugar level closer to normal, which can delay or prevent future complications. 

Healthier lifestyle to control Diabetes (Type 2)

The benefits of Exercise have been highlighted in many health articles and studies for individuals with diabetes. 

Besides exercising to control weight, and raise healthy HDL cholesterol while lowering harmful LDL cholesterol, tailored exercises could help improve movement and mobility to enable daily functional activities to enhance the quality of life. 

Particularly for diabetics, there are additional benefits where exercise helps lowers blood sugar glucose levels while boosting your body’s sensitivity to insulin, countering insulin resistance.

A customised program for the safety of our clients

Our program is designed to have our clients well being in mind, taking into consideration our client’s current health and physical condition including fitness and activity goals to develop a progressive exercise program tailored to the individual’s ability.

The program comprises various exercises targeting both the upper and lower body. These exercises help people get started by focusing on strength, movement, balance & flexibility. 

Middle-age adults or seniors may experience weakness in these areas, where the loss of muscle mass also known as sarcopenia, is one of the known occurrences with age in people who live a sedentary lifestyle.

Safe Exercises for elderly

Client Testimonials

Our program and services have benefited many of our clients with various conditions, including those at dialysis centres whom we support with an exercise program. 

Refer to HealthHub for Benefits of Exercise for People with Diabetes.

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