Is Back Pain Affecting Your Golf Game?

Pain can be Caused by Muscular Imbalances

Muscular imbalances can happen from muscle weakness and poor movement patterns. This might impact how far or consistent your swing is, and even increase your risk of injury.

Functional training can help address these imbalances to help you move better, and perform better.

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Golf-related pain is not limited to the lower back. Middle back (thoracic) pain from golf and upper back pain from golf may also occur without warning, even at the golf course.

Weaker core and pelvic muscles that are the source of low back pain can be identified by accompanying symptoms as well.

Golf is a favourite sport and pastime among many. However, the torque and force applied across the lower back pain create a significant risk of developing or worsening lower back pain.

There will be challenges for golfers of all age groups, but golfers with back pain challenges would mainly be over 50 years old golfer. After age 50, strength and power performance can diminish significantly.

Fret not, Retrofit exercise specialists have the solution to build strength and help you live better.

Move Better, Live Better with Retrofit

Functional training helps gain functional strength and power through Retrofit’s customized effective training exercise programs.

Here is how:

A swing has many moving parts. We break down these parts to see which aspects need improving and then bring the movement together to enable you to move better, and swing better.

Low Back Pain During A Golf Game

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Benefits of Functional Traning for Golf

Firstly, functional Training helps build strength in the correct muscle groups, to increase your swing speed and add distance to your shots.

Secondly, improved flexibility and balance will improve your swing and add additional speed.

Lastly, while Functional Training helps you build strength, flexibility, and balance, our programme also looks at improving these areas in the context of helping you move better so that you can swing more efficiently. More efficient swings will help in reducing back pain, while not compromising (and may even improve) your carry!

Functional Training for Golfers

Essentially, functional training helps you to move more effciently.

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