Functional Training

Our experienced and qualified trainers have helped countless clients maximize their performance potential safely and effectively.

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Individualized Training

Functional Rehab


Individualized Training

Let us help you maximize your workout, the Retrofit way!

The foundation of Retrofit’s functional training programmes are underpinned by a technique called Corrective Movement – where we optimise how you move to perform better. By using corrective movement exercises, Retrofit trainers can help you maximise your performance during your weekend football game, hit further in golf, safely perform exercises on your own in the gym, or simply feel confident that your body can handle the physical stresses in your daily activities. 

Retrofit exists within an ecosystem of physiotherapists and sports massage therapists – by bridging the gap between personal trainers and physios, clients get to leverage the full experience and expertise for a safe and effective way to return to maximise your performance potential.

We are reimagining the personal training experience to help you reach your target achievement or exceed your functional requirements. how we can help you today.

The goal of rehab training is to return you the ability
to perform your desired functions.


Functional Rehab

The road to recovery requires a customized plan based on each individual’s needs, and more importantly, a specialist team to help you through the process.

Retrofit’s strategic collaboration with Core Concepts provides you access to a team of a qualified exercise specialist, physiotherapists, and massage therapists in a single location to match your rehab needs. Our program guide your rehab journey through different levels of assessments, strength and movement training to restore joint and muscular strength.

From post-operative cases to nagging tendon problems, our team has successfully helped clients return to their sport, safely and effectively.

Let our experience and expertise guide you to a full recovery, and more importantly, stay better. today to find out how we can help you.


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