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Get It Right: Staggered Row

Think that cable rows are too easy? Try the staggered row. In this video, Kelvin demonstrates how to execute the staggered row efficiently and the things that you should look out for to make sure you’re getting it right!


Moving on from the unilateral row exercise, we’re going to integrate the lower body into this exercise now, to make it a lot more functional.

I’m going to have Clemence hold the setup the same way as in a unilateral row. The only difference if that this time, Clemence is going to step her right foot one step back. She’s going to tiptoe on the right foot.

How far you’re going to step back will be dependent on how you take a walk in normal stride. So for Clemence this should be about it. Same thing, navel in, neutral spine, body upright. Good.

Set your glenohumeral joint back, and gently squeeze the upper back muscles. From here, Clemence is going to row with the lats (latissimus dorsi), release. Forward position, and just repeat it again.

Again things to look out for:

  • Prevent the shoulder from hiking
  • Row from the upper back, stabilizing the scapula as you row
  • Feel the tension on the opposite leg.

Progressing from a Staggered Stance Row, we’re now going into a Step Row. The setup will be the same. Clemence is going to hold the band over the right hand. Take one step back.

Going through the usual cues of a Unilateral Staggered Stance Row. Navel in, torso upright. Set your glenohumeral joint back, gentle squeeze over the scapula.

Now, as Clemence starts to row the band, she’s going to step forward. So the final point of this exercise, the hips and the shoulders will be squared towards the front.

Clemence is going to release the band and step back, and she’s going to perform a few more repetitions. Same thing. You have to prevent the shoulder from hiking up, keeping the navel drawn in, so the core fulcrums the upper and the lower body together. Step back, step forward.

Moving in from the Step Row, we’re now moving into a Lunge Row. The setup will be the same as a Step Row, Staggered Stance Row.

Clemence now steps back on the right foot as she holds the cable with the right hand. Going through the same cues, navel in, neutral spine, setting the glenohumeral joint back in, squeezing the upper back gently.

From here, Clemence is going to start off by descending into a lunge. From here, going through the same cues, now you’ve gone through the lunge. Before the lunge, you want the knee to be aligned to your second toe.

You’re going to start feeling the hamstrings, starting to fire first as you dig the left heel into the floor. From here, Clemence is going to start rowing, and once you feel the left start to fire, it’s the cue to start ascending. Continue rowing and finishing off right here.

Clemence is going to descend now, reversing it, and coming up again. Nicely done.


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