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Get to know Kelvin

Kelvin is a functional trainer with RetroFit. In this article, find out more about Kelvin and if he would rather be a zombie or a survivor in a zombie apocalypse!

About Kelvin

I’m an extroverted introvert who enjoys chatting about philosophy, travel, etc over a cup of coffee. These chats get more interesting when there’s a beer (or two or three) involved. Sports is a big part of my life having competed in Basketball, Soccer, Badminton, Volleyball, and snooker. I don’t play these sports as often as I’d like these days so I make up for it through other endeavours like running, swimming, and hiking.  I’m also a fan of endurance sports such as marathons and biathlons (swim and run) as it helps me to clear my mind. I hated running before but it has become quite therapeutic and it’s a passion of mine to help people run more efficiently. I believe that once people start running more efficiently, they’ll like it more and realise there’s nothing to fear about it.

My perfect day usually starts off with a workout (either hiking or running) before the sun comes up, training clients, before spending time with my Wife either walking through museums, browsing books in the library, or catching a movie. I’d like to help make the world a better place either by being kinder and helping my clients lead a better quality of life through fitness.

I prefer comedies to horror movies as I believe that life is scary enough, there’s no need to scare yourself further. Also, I dislike crocodiles. I’m not afraid or scared of them, but I dislike them.

What inspired you to become a functional trainer?

I started seriously exploring fitness as a way of life to manage my weight and improve my endurance for sports, juggling that with my work as a communications manager in a consultancy for the first five years of my career. When I became aware of more efficient ways to train without getting injured I became passionate in sharing this knowledge to help others.

What do you enjoy the most about your job?

There’s a huge sense of achievement when I see clients improve like completing a run without pain when it used to bog them, or seeing their confidence rise when they become more in tune with their bodies through our sessions. That “ah ha!” moment when they see what we’re trying to achieve and their faces light up when they begin to move more effortlessly really makes my day.
It takes time when we’re working to institute new and efficient movement patterns after years of poor movement habits, but that ‘click’ when clients gets it is an awesome feeling that I never get tired of.

In a zombie apocalypse, would you rather be a zombie or a survivor? Why?

I’d rather be a survivor. The movement patterns of zombies are inefficient and I might get too irritated if I were to move that way.

You can find Kelvin at Camden Medical Centre!

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