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Compliments from our clients – Ritesh

Ritesh was experiencing issues with his shoulder and lower back - his deskbound job and sporty personality resulted in various aches and strains that affected his quality of life. He sought help from an orthopaedic doctor who then referred him to Core Concepts.

In this video, find out how our team of therapists and functional trainers managed to help Ritesh with his musculoskeletal aches. We can help you too! Call us at +65 6226 3632 to book an appointment now!

Video Transcript

Hello. My name is Ritesh Tiwari. I’m Global Vice President for Unilever.

I’ve been having issues with my back and my shoulder. My job is a desk-based job. I spend lots of time in meetings and at my desk.

But outside of work, I like to do a lot of activities. I play golf. I love it. I do run a couple of times a week. I like to play badminton once in a while. And I also love to swim.

Because of my shoulder injury, and my lower back injury which has been there for a long time, it started restricting me from doing my normal daily activities. And then of course, it impacts my overall health as well.

Which is when I went to an orthopaedic doctor in Singapore, and after a couple of sessions with him, he invited me to come to Core Concepts to get my healing on.

When I came to Core Concepts, I realized a very big difference in the entire way in which a patient is looked after. It’s not about being relieved of the symptoms which the body has. It’s about the whole different way of looking at it in terms of giving healing.

The whole concept has been: How do you change your daily body postures—the way you walk, the way you sit, the way you run.

I realized after that that the moment you use different parts of your body, it can make a very large difference on your body’s stability, and the pain of course goes away.

Thank you really Chye Tuan and Li Hoong, for both of them, for making that critical lifestyle concept.

Thank you Core Concepts!

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