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Functional Fitness

Our functional fitness programmes are designed to build on your body to be capable of doing everyday activities easily. It is not about building on individual muscles but to train different muscles within your body to work as a whole to perform better in everyday movements and to be truly fit!

What is Functional Training?

According to Wikipedia: A classification of exercise which involves training the body for activities performed in daily life.

While we aim to achieve our individual fitness goals through various workouts, we structure our training to focus on movements and core stability. You don’t need fancy gym equipment to accomplish the goals, your own body weight is a very effective natural tool. To bring the fun into the training, innovative and challenging tools are brought into the mix to keep up the excitement and motivation!

With proper guidance and consistent training, you will be able to build greater strength and improve on your day to day performance. Where are the improvements?

  • Get fitter
  • Better Movements
  • Improved balance and coordination


We cater the programmes accordingly to different groups such as people trying to regain strength and movements, athletes looking to improve sports performance, people trying to get fitter and many other fitness goals. One on One, small groups, large groups? We can cater to all. Talk to us and we will be happy to guide you on a suitable programme!


You can easily request for a fitness appointment or our corporate wellness programmes through any of the 2 convenient ways below with your preferred date, time and location. Our staff will be happy to help allocate the first available appointment slot that best fits your convenience or answer to any of your queries.

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