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Functional Training Plus (With Sports Massage)

Sore muscle

What is Functional Training Plus?

RetroFit believes that efficiency plays an important role in an effective workout – in line with that thinking, we are launching Functional Training Plus –  a combination of functional training and sports massage, all into one session – ensuring that you can get the most effective workout session, all in 1 hour.

Our team of trainers aim to understand the bodies and different needs of each and every client. There is no fixed routine when it comes to Functional Training Plus, giving you the flexibility to maximise the session by tailoring the programme to your specific needs.

Should I go for Functional Training Plus?

We believe that Functional Training Plus would benefit everyone, especially the following groups:

  1. Clients who are sedentary and have not been active for a long time who wish to be more active.
  2. Clients who are currently active and have chronic muscle tightness despite regular soft tissue release.

If you have been leading a sedentary lifestyle and have tense and tight muscles, our trainers will allocated a Sports Massage session at the start of the session. Release and stretch your tense muscles with a Sports Massage session prior to a workout session to ensure you gain the full effectiveness of the session. A Sports Massage session before your workout acts as a stretching session, preparing your body for the upcoming workout. Pushing yourself to work out with tense muscles could possibly result in muscle strains and injuries.

If you have been actively working out and stretching before and after but still experience sore and aching muscles, perhaps it is time to leave the recovery portion to the experts. There is no necessity to live with aches and pains after a workout session. Muscle release done right after a training session has the most effect in ensuring that muscle soreness does not set in. Apart from the convenience in getting your sport massage done right after the session, Functional Training Plus also means not having to book two separate appointments for a functional training session and a sports massage after. Functional Training Plus also means having the same dedicated trainer who will know exactly what your body needs handling your training and recovery session.

Benefits of Functional Training Plus

  • Functional Training Plus reduces the risk of injuries from improper training. Our team of trainers are trained to have a keen eye on spotting muscle imbalances and restoring tight overused muscles and to ensure proper division of load among weaker muscles. With the advice from our trainers, clients are able to gain a better understanding of their body’s needs and better manage their body.
  • Functional Training Plus ensures you do not forget about recovering after a training session. Many tend to focus 100% of their efforts on their training, often neglecting another aspect of the workout which is just as important – the recovery process. Rest is physically necessary so that the muscles can repair, rebuild, and strengthen. This downtime also allows the body to replenish energy stores and repair damaged tissues, loosening stiff muscles and increasing flexibility. Pete Mcall, an exercise physiologist explains that recovery is important because “exercise is physical stress applied to the body. Too much stress to the muscles, tissues, ligaments without any time off results in damage, inflammation and a host of other problems”.

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