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Be inspired and motivated by our trainers in our fitness programmes that are FUN and EFFECTIVE ways to build functional strength and fitness, manage weight and live better regardless of your starting fitness level.

Bootcamp programmes catered for different fitness levels and different needs. We can bring the training to your office, isn’t that convenient?!

No time? It’s only 60 minutes per session! Shorter than a movie.

No idea? We don’t just train, we empower by teaching and explaining exercises, and providing nutrition/wellness talks through our accredited partners so you can live-fit!

No motivation? Be inspired by our trainers to go beyond what you think you can, and bond with your colleagues while getting fit at the same time. How’s that for motivation!

What do we have to offer?

Let’s Go (60 minutes)

An introductory, beginner-level 8-session programme to get you started on fitness. Participants primarily use their bodyweight to perform basic strength and conditioning exercises to progressively improve their overall fitness levels. Participants can ‘self-spot’ which makes it easier for lesser conditioned ones to join in the programme.

Perfect for:  Participants looking to start getting fitter but unsure how to. Each session is a balance of instruction and participation, with the intensity progressively becoming more challenging as participants get fitter.

ReBoot (60 mins)

Bootcamps are all the rage, but with the Lebert Equalizers, Buddy System and other innovative fitness tools, we put the FUN in FUNctional bootcamp training! Push, pull, squat, hop, and move your way to a stronger and better looking body with this intermediate-advanced level programme! Each session is designed to challenge each individual relative to their fitness levels to build a strong mind and body.  As the tools allow participants to vary the tension/difficulty, this programme is suitable for participants of varying fitness levels to train together and be motivated by one another.

Perfect for: Participants looking to take their fitness up another level.

T.B.C (60 mins)

T.B.C (Thighs, butt, and core) is a great workout to challenge the lower body and build a strong core. Exercises will help build strength, agility and stability in the core through to the lower body, giving you a stronger foundation and possibly reducing back-related injuries. Build strength while building a nicer body! It’s a hit with the ladies!

Perfect for: Participants looking to strengthen and sculpt a shapely lower body.

Max Xpress (30 mins)

No time? No problem. This 30-minute high intensity strength and cardiovascular interval training session will have you working up a sweat while increasing your fitness and lean muscle tone. Maximum effort in a short time is the way to burn a serious amount of fat and calories!

Perfect for:  Participants looking to fit in a lunchtime workout, those looking to learn a more efficient way to exercise, and those who like to sweat! Suitable for all fitness levels as participants work out to their individual fitness levels.

For enquires and customised programmes, contact us!

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You can easily request for a fitness appointment or our corporate wellness programmes through any of the 2 convenient ways below with your preferred date, time and location. Our staff will be happy to help allocate the first available appointment slot that best fits your convenience or answer to any of your queries.

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