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Frequently Asked Questions

 Here are some frequently asked questions that we encounter with our clients. Click on the question to reveal the answer.

  1. Who is RetroFit?
  2. A team of fitness who are passionate about bringing the fun into fitness, supporting fitness rehabilitation and engaging/motivating our clients as partners in the journey towards better health.

  3. Do you provide customise programmes?
  4. Yes we do! Contact us and we will be glad to assist.

  5. Are there any other programmes besides the ones listed on your website?
  6. There are many different variety of programmes. Contact us to find out more!

  7. I have prior injury, can I still join your programme?
  8. Speak to us, we will need more information before we recommend a suitable programme for you.

  9. I have a few friends who wants to do a programme togther as a group, can you help?
  10. Sure! We will be glad to train your group. We can customise a programme to cater to your fitness objectives. Contact us and we will be glad to assist.


You can easily request for a fitness appointment or our corporate wellness programmes through any of the 2 convenient ways below with your preferred date, time and location. Our staff will be happy to help allocate the first available appointment slot that best fits your convenience or answer to any of your queries.

via Telephone

Call our central-line at
+65 6681 6536

via Email

Email your queries to or use our online contact form